Saturday, March 11, 2006

Videos: American Media Censored War News Exposed

*Is this the Road to Amarillo?Brits In Iraq Chillin Out
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*Media Weapons of Mass Deception
*Eyewitness in Iraq
*Unembedded In Iraq
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Special Video Reports ...
*Truthout Iraq Videos
*Secret U.S. Plans For Iraq's Oil

*How The U.S. Press Has Sanitized The War in Iraq
*Orwell Rolls In His Grave - Part I
*Video - Orwell Rolls In His Grave Part II

*Tanks On LA Streets
*War Corporatism
*What Happens When You Demonstrate Bush

- Veterans Speak Out -
*Veteran Tales
*Take them out, dude

*Selling the War,Distorting the News

The past two decades have witnessed the number of major corporations that dominate television, movies, music, radio, cable, publishing and the Internet dwindle
from 50 to less than two dozen — with power concentrated especially in 10 huge conglomerates.

Reference ...
*Free Press? Who Controls the News
*Weapons of Mass Deception

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