Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Jewish - Palestinian Wars

Only (1) video post is shown to run things smoothly.

Welcome To the Holy Land
Videos Israel Does Not Want You To See
Warning Graphic Violence

Killing Zone 1

Killing Zone 2

Killing Zone 3

Killing Zone 4

Palestine, Gaza's Reality

Israeli Apartheid

UN official calls Israel Apartheid

Israel the New Nazi Germany

What Israel does not want you to know

Friday, August 08, 2008

Videos of Homeland Resistance

Warning Graphic Violence

The Real Terrorist States

Message from the Iraqi Resistance

Iraqi Resistance

Iraqi National Anthem

Hezbollah Combatant Fighters Pledge Allegiance

The Resistance

Hezbollah Songs Rayatana

Hezbollah Fighters

Hezbollah Songs Lebanon

Tribute to the Islamic Resistance

Saddam Hussein Army Parade

Sadam Iraqi Army

Saddam Iraq Army Video Salam Saddam