Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Coming Economic Collapse Videos

Declining US Dollar Purchasing
Power During 20th Century
(1900-2000: 1900 Spanish-American War, 1913 Federal Reserve Established,
1914 World War 1, 1929 Crash of 1929, 1941 World War 2, 1952 Korean War,
1962 Vietnam War, 1967 Gold to Dollar Link Cut, 1977 Stagflation,
1988 Gulf War, 2001 War On Terrorism)

The physical evidence of U.S. economic collapse is everywhere. The U.S. is becoming like a third world nation. Wealth is more and more concentrated within a small segment of the population. Real wages are rapidly declining and the middle class is shrinking. Manufacturing is declining and the U.S. may soon not even be producing automobiles. The U.S. dollar’s value is eroding. A dollar today versus a dollar only 100 years ago buys less than 3% of goods and services one could previously purchase.

Coming Economic Collapse Videos

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