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The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War is our soldiers' perspective of the Iraq War, and how they are being treated upon returning home. It goes beyond the war stories to look underneath our American tradition of going to war and then abandoning the warrior.

one third of all American homeless are Vets

We see the dreams and realities that often set up soldiers and their families for a lifetime of heartbreak. Yet, billions of tax dollars are spent recruiting, training, and paying soldiers to fight our wars, only to ignore and dismiss these same people, now well trained to serve their country, and to kill.

How do we “Support Our Troops” when the killing stops? What is behind our silent indifference to these new warriors, and the 272,000 homeless veterans we walk by every day? This film asks Congress and the American people to bare witness to these soldiers and their families, and to consider the human cost of war, above all else.

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*Captain Kidd

*Penny Serenade

*Dishonored Lady

*Fire Over England

*Dementia 13

*La Ciociara

*Cyrano DeBergerac

*A Walk In the Sun

*The Beachcomber

*Aerial Gunner

*Last of the Mohigans
Great Alaskan Mystery Series
*Chapter 1
*Chapter 2
*Chapter 3
*Chapter 4
*Chapter 5
*Chapter 6
*Chapter 7
*Chapter 8
*Chapter 9
*Chapter 10
*Chapter 11
*Chapter 12*Beat the Devil
*Kid Dynamite

*The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
*Abe Lincoln of the 4th Ave
*Baby Face Morgan
*Things To Come
*Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
*They Made Me A Criminal
*Romance On the Run
*Atomic Age Vampire
*Who Killed Doc Robbin
*The Flying Deuces
*The Green Glove
*Naughty But Nice
*Hectors Hectic Life
*Betty Boop:Chess Nuts
*The Power Of Nightmares
*The Great Commandment
*Amazing Mr X

*Midnight Manhunt
*State Department File 649
*The Man Who Knew Too Much
*China Town After Dark
*Ride Ranger Ride
*Love Island
*Lying Lips
*X Marks the Spot
*World Gone Mad
*Nightmare Castle
*Danger Flight
*Pilot X
*Jungle Man
*the Terror

*Aces and Eights
*Amazing Mr X
*Angel On My Shoulder
*Escape To Paradise
*Captain Calamity
*Happy Go Lovely
*Her Uncle Sam
*My Favorite Brunette
*Phantom Ship
*Brain That Wouldn't Die
*Prehistoric Women
*Bride Of A Gorilla
*The Black Raven
*Rogues Tavern
*Mad Monster
*Night Of the Living Dead

*Abraham Lincoln
*Cause For Alarm
*Fatal Hour
*Malice In the Palace
*Last Man On Earth
*Mr Moto's Last Warning
*Texas,Brooklyn and Heaven
*Sing A Song Of Six Pants
*Brideless Groom
*Disorder In the Court
*Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
*The Brain That Wouldn't Die
*Ghost Patrol
*Last Woman On Earth

*Dick Tracy Chapter1
*Dick Tracy Chapter2
*Dick Tracy Chapter3
*Dick Tracy Chapter4
*Dick Tracy Chapter5
*Dick Tracy Chapter 8
*Dick Tracy Chapter 10
*Gullivers Travels
*The Ghost Walks
*Mad Monster
*Charlie Chaplin Film Festival
*Beneath the 12 Mile Reef
*Isle of Destiny
*Yanks Are Coming
*Shuteye Popeye
*Popeye's Fright To the Finish
*Popeye;Ancient Fantasy

*Raiders of Old California
*Call of the Wilderness
*Forgotten Village
*Northwest Trail
*The Ape
*The Lost City Chapter1
*The Lost City Chapter2
*The Lost City Chapter3
*The Lost City Chapter4
*The Lost City Chapter5
*The Lost City Chapter6
*The Lost City Chapter7
*The Lost City Chapter8
*The Lost City Chapter9
*The Lost City Chapter10
*The Lost City Chapter11
*The Lost City Chapter12
*Tarzan's Revenge
*Tarzan and the Green Goddess
*New Adventures of Tarzan
*The Last Three
*Meet John Doe

*With the Marines At Tarawa
*Memphis Belle A Story of a Flying Fortress
*Battle of Midway
*Battle of San Pietro
*Desert Escape
*Panther's Claw
*Hollywood and Vine
*Carnival of Souls
*Shadows Of the Orient
*Shadows Over Shanghai
*Behind Green Lights
*Border Patrol
*The Ghost Walks
*Mysterious Mr Wong
*the Monster Walks

*My Man Godfrey
*Go Get'em Haines
*Laughing At Life
*Salt of the Earth
*Bowery Blitzkrieg
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter1
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter2
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter3
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter4
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter5
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter6
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter7
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter8
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter9
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter10
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter11
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter12
*Killers From Space
*Lost In the Stratosphere
*Dixie Jamboree
*Private Buckaroo
*Undercover Agent
*Irish Luck
*Happy Go Lovely

*King Solomans Mine
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*Fatal Glass of Beer
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*Big Trees
*The Great Commandment
*Kansas Pacific
*Radar Men From the Moon;Moon Rocket
*Radar Men From the Moon;Hills of Death
*Radar Men From the Moon;Battle In the Stratosphere
*Danger Lights
*Roaring Roads
*Farewell To Arms
*Little Lord Fauntleroy
*The Arizona Kid

*Little Princess
*Fatal Hour
*The Iron Mask
*Horace Takes Over
*Lil Abner
*Woody Wood Pecker;Pantry Panic
*Noveltoon ;The Stupidstitious Cat
*Bugs Bunny Falling Hare
*Bugs Bunny Fresh Hare
*Casper the Friendly Ghost;There's Good Boos Tonight
*Merrie Melodies;A Day At the Zoo
*Merrie Melodies;Early Bird Gets the Worm

*Horror Hotel
*Phantom of 42nd St
*They Raid By Night
*Spooks Run Wild
*The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg
*Eve of Destruction
*Rhythm Blues Review
*His Girl Friday
*Gabby Alls Well
*Mighty Mouse;Wolf Wolf
*Last Time I Saw Paris
*Follow Your Heart
*Oliver Twist

*Amazing Mr X
*Brain That Wouldn't Die
*So's Your Aunt Emma (Meet the Mob)
*Killer Dill
*Last Alarm
*She Gods of Shark Reef
*Texas To Bataan
*West of the Divide
*The Fighter
*Lying Lips
*Ambush Valley
*Devil Diamond
*Danger Ahead
*White Zombie

*House of Secrets
*Long Shot
*Love Island
*Doomed To Die
*Daughter of Horror
*Murder On the Campus
*Below the Deadline
*Mr Boggs Steps Out
*Go Getem Haines
*Code of the Cactus
*Africa Speaks
*Secret Agent
*Call of the Yukon

*Crooked Circle
*Captain Calamity
*Dressed To Kill
*Affairs of Cappy Ricks
*Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
*Caryl of the Mountains
*Arctic Giant
*Chasing Trouble
*Gang Bullets
*Isle of Destiny
*Lady Behave
*Parachute Battalion
*Murder On the High Seas
*Abe Lincoln of the 4th Avenue
*War Comes To America