Thursday, March 16, 2006

Activist Videos Against the Machine

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*We Interrupt This Empire
*Scott Ritter:Why War Against Iraq Is Wrong Video
*Oil,The Iraq War and American Foreign Policy
*Shocking and Awful:Empire and Oil
*Shocking and Awful:Baghdad
*Shocking and Awful:Erasing Memory:The Cultural Destruction of Iraq
*Shocking and Awful:Resistance at Home
*Shocking and Awful:Channels of War:the Media is the Military

*Shocking and Aweful:Globalization at Gunpoint:The Economics of Occupation
*Oil:The Party's Over
*The Other SuperPower
*Tariq Ali: Empire and Resistance
*The American Dilemma
*World Tribunal on Iraq:Day 2 Istanbul Video
*Winning the Oil Endgame Video

*Making Your Claim as a Conscientious Objector to War Video
*Truth and Politics Video
*Choosing Reverence and Social Justice
*Girl Power for Social Justice
*Independent Media in a Time of War and Elections
*Remembering the Future
*When They Came For Ward Churchill Video

*Martha Arguello Precaution,Environmental Justice and Reciprocity Video
*David Orr Possibilities for Change Video
*Jay Harman Emulating Nature's Design Genius Video
*Dolores Huerta
*Undoing Empire: 500 Years is Enough
*The Reverence Movement
*Greg Sarris Video

*Desmond Tutu Video
*The Nation vs The Economist A Debate on the Future of Outsourcing Video
*The Open Space of Democracy
*Brave Voices for Peace in Palestine and Israel
*What's Good for Wal-Mart is Good for America?PartI Video
*Renewing the American Experiment; A Call to Choose Our Future
*The World Social Forum & New Challenges for International Grassroots Movements

*Social Security:Is It Really A Crisis?Part One Video
*Social Security:Is It Really A Crisis?Part Two Video
*World Tribunal on Iraq:Day 4 Istanbul Video
*Connecting Personal and Planetary Healing
*The Green Belt Movement
*Air, Water & Soil
*Global Warming,Genetic Engineering and Other Desperate Questions

*Howard Dean:Progressive Democratic Demonstration
*George Soros:Take Back America
*Jesse Jackson:Take Back America
*The Empire Series
*Veterans Address the Nation
*Veterans for Peace National Convention

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