Monday, October 10, 2005

Must See Documentary War Videos

*Iraq War Suicide Missions
*Iraq War Lies Uncovered
*60 Minutes Richard Clark Defense Department Lies Uncovered
*Pentagon Senior Officials Dereliction of Duty
*Must See Videos
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*Demonstrating On the Israeli Front
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*Top Terrorist,Iraq War Videos
*Patriotic Iraq War Video;Iraq Music - American Text & Anti- War
*Madonna Music Video
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*USA Today:Military Recruitment
*Media Corporate Liars We Want Real News Now
*War Pigs
*We Interrupt This Empire
*More Police State Videos
*Stay Strong War Is Wrong

*Dissident Video Library For More

Today's News In Videos Archives

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*George Bush Episode II
*BattleGround:21 Days on the Empire's Edge
(Winner of the Silver Hugo (2004 Chicago IFF)
*Globalisation and the Media
*Video Journal
*Unreported Adverse Events & Top Unreported Stories Videos
*All the Internet Video News
*Navy Marine Corps News Video Archive
*US AirForce Hometown Link Video News
*BBC Headline News Videos
*Online News Hour Jim Lehrer Videos
*World Bank Video News
*World Net Video News
*NewsWire Multimedia News Releases
*European SW Observatory Astronomical News Videos

*Atlanta Video On Demand
*Middle East Realities Video Archive
*New York City News:Video/Audio
*Ohio State University:News & Info
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*Financial Video News
*Mayo Clinic Video News Releases
*Mayo Clinic Patient Stories Videos
*Southwestern Medical Center Video News
*Yahoo Video News Library

*New Taliban Country Videos
*Kuwaiti Freedom Videos
*BBC Series:Islam and the West
*BBC Series:The Struggle For Iraq
*Hostage Video News
*Stanford University Video Library
*NASA Healing Benefits of Space Research Videos
*NASA Future of Space Travel Videos
*NASA Cheaper Space Travel Videos
*NASA Hurricane Study Videos
*NASA Tank Camera View Atlantis Launch
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*Bill O'Reilly vs Paul Krugman
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*Iraq War 2003 Videos
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*Funny Videos Archive

Terrorist Videos

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*Israeli Terrorist Video Archive
*Terrorist Video Collection
*Suicide Bomber Training Video
*Palestinian Hate Video Library
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*American Masters of Terror Videos