Thursday, March 16, 2006

Full Length Classic Films

Free & Commercial Free
Classic Full Length Movies
Like They Used To Be
Up to 2 hours of pure joy per movie ....
Action, Cartoons, Comedy, Horror, Mystery,
Science Fiction, War, Westerns, Nostalgia, more

Click a Title Instant Play
(These are full featured films, depending on your computer
and internet connection allow 3-15 seconds to load.)
New Additions
Enjoy these great classics just added


*Captain Kidd

*Penny Serenade

*Dishonored Lady

*Fire Over England

*Dementia 13

*La Ciociara

*Cyrano DeBergerac

*A Walk In the Sun

*The Beachcomber

*Aerial Gunner

*Last of the Mohigans
Great Alaskan Mystery Series
*Chapter 1
*Chapter 2
*Chapter 3
*Chapter 4
*Chapter 5
*Chapter 6
*Chapter 7
*Chapter 8
*Chapter 9
*Chapter 10
*Chapter 11
*Chapter 12*Beat the Devil
*Kid Dynamite

*The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
*Abe Lincoln of the 4th Ave
*Baby Face Morgan
*Things To Come
*Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
*They Made Me A Criminal
*Romance On the Run
*Atomic Age Vampire
*Who Killed Doc Robbin
*The Flying Deuces
*The Green Glove
*Naughty But Nice
*Hectors Hectic Life
*Betty Boop:Chess Nuts
*The Power Of Nightmares
*The Great Commandment
*Amazing Mr X

*Midnight Manhunt
*State Department File 649
*The Man Who Knew Too Much
*China Town After Dark
*Ride Ranger Ride
*Love Island
*Lying Lips
*X Marks the Spot
*World Gone Mad
*Nightmare Castle
*Danger Flight
*Pilot X
*Jungle Man
*the Terror

*Aces and Eights
*Amazing Mr X
*Angel On My Shoulder
*Escape To Paradise
*Captain Calamity
*Happy Go Lovely
*Her Uncle Sam
*My Favorite Brunette
*Phantom Ship
*Brain That Wouldn't Die
*Prehistoric Women
*Bride Of A Gorilla
*The Black Raven
*Rogues Tavern
*Mad Monster
*Night Of the Living Dead

*Abraham Lincoln
*Cause For Alarm
*Fatal Hour
*Malice In the Palace
*Last Man On Earth
*Mr Moto's Last Warning
*Texas,Brooklyn and Heaven
*Sing A Song Of Six Pants
*Brideless Groom
*Disorder In the Court
*Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
*The Brain That Wouldn't Die
*Ghost Patrol
*Last Woman On Earth

*Dick Tracy Chapter1
*Dick Tracy Chapter2
*Dick Tracy Chapter3
*Dick Tracy Chapter4
*Dick Tracy Chapter5
*Dick Tracy Chapter 8
*Dick Tracy Chapter 10
*Gullivers Travels
*The Ghost Walks
*Mad Monster
*Charlie Chaplin Film Festival
*Beneath the 12 Mile Reef
*Isle of Destiny
*Yanks Are Coming
*Shuteye Popeye
*Popeye's Fright To the Finish
*Popeye;Ancient Fantasy

*Raiders of Old California
*Call of the Wilderness
*Forgotten Village
*Northwest Trail
*The Ape
*The Lost City Chapter1
*The Lost City Chapter2
*The Lost City Chapter3
*The Lost City Chapter4
*The Lost City Chapter5
*The Lost City Chapter6
*The Lost City Chapter7
*The Lost City Chapter8
*The Lost City Chapter9
*The Lost City Chapter10
*The Lost City Chapter11
*The Lost City Chapter12
*Tarzan's Revenge
*Tarzan and the Green Goddess
*New Adventures of Tarzan
*The Last Three
*Meet John Doe

*With the Marines At Tarawa
*Memphis Belle A Story of a Flying Fortress
*Battle of Midway
*Battle of San Pietro
*Desert Escape
*Panther's Claw
*Hollywood and Vine
*Carnival of Souls
*Shadows Of the Orient
*Shadows Over Shanghai
*Behind Green Lights
*Border Patrol
*The Ghost Walks
*Mysterious Mr Wong
*the Monster Walks

*My Man Godfrey
*Go Get'em Haines
*Laughing At Life
*Salt of the Earth
*Bowery Blitzkrieg
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter1
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter2
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter3
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter4
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter5
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter6
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter7
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter8
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter9
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter10
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter11
*Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Chapter12
*Killers From Space
*Lost In the Stratosphere
*Dixie Jamboree
*Private Buckaroo
*Undercover Agent
*Irish Luck
*Happy Go Lovely

*King Solomans Mine
(allow 15 seconds to load, click arrow to start film)
*Fatal Glass of Beer
(click arrow to start film)
*Big Trees
*The Great Commandment
*Kansas Pacific
*Radar Men From the Moon;Moon Rocket
*Radar Men From the Moon;Hills of Death
*Radar Men From the Moon;Battle In the Stratosphere
*Danger Lights
*Roaring Roads
*Farewell To Arms
*Little Lord Fauntleroy
*The Arizona Kid

*Little Princess
*Fatal Hour
*The Iron Mask
*Horace Takes Over
*Lil Abner
*Woody Wood Pecker;Pantry Panic
*Noveltoon ;The Stupidstitious Cat
*Bugs Bunny Falling Hare
*Bugs Bunny Fresh Hare
*Casper the Friendly Ghost;There's Good Boos Tonight
*Merrie Melodies;A Day At the Zoo
*Merrie Melodies;Early Bird Gets the Worm

*Horror Hotel
*Phantom of 42nd St
*They Raid By Night
*Spooks Run Wild
*The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg
*Eve of Destruction
*Rhythm Blues Review
*His Girl Friday
*Gabby Alls Well
*Mighty Mouse;Wolf Wolf
*Last Time I Saw Paris
*Follow Your Heart
*Oliver Twist

*Amazing Mr X
*Brain That Wouldn't Die
*So's Your Aunt Emma (Meet the Mob)
*Killer Dill
*Last Alarm
*She Gods of Shark Reef
*Texas To Bataan
*West of the Divide
*The Fighter
*Lying Lips
*Ambush Valley
*Devil Diamond
*Danger Ahead
*White Zombie

*House of Secrets
*Long Shot
*Love Island
*Doomed To Die
*Daughter of Horror
*Murder On the Campus
*Below the Deadline
*Mr Boggs Steps Out
*Go Getem Haines
*Code of the Cactus
*Africa Speaks
*Secret Agent
*Call of the Yukon

*Crooked Circle
*Captain Calamity
*Dressed To Kill
*Affairs of Cappy Ricks
*Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
*Caryl of the Mountains
*Arctic Giant
*Chasing Trouble
*Gang Bullets
*Isle of Destiny
*Lady Behave
*Parachute Battalion
*Murder On the High Seas
*Abe Lincoln of the 4th Avenue
*War Comes To America


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