Thursday, February 08, 2007

Iranian Military Videos

In addition to moving additional military forces into the region, President Bush is putting into place a new political and military command team, all in preparation for an expanded war in the Middle East.

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*War with Iran is imminent

*Iran War Games
*Iran's war games and warnings

Iranian Missile Defense Videos
*Iranian Military power X
*Iran army video Pure_Sunni
*Iran Defense
*Iran Military Defense

This is a demonstration of Iranian missile power
*Iranian revolutionary guard
*Iranian Army clip
*Iranian Military Parade
*Iran military power

In the case of a US attack
*Chief of Staff provides details of Iran's military capabilities

Iran News Documentary Videos
*Perpetual War For Peace
*Will Israel Bomb Iran
*Fox Selling Iran War
*One hour video about Iran

Special Iran Videos
*Iran Iran
*Arash Iran Iran
*Iranian President Ahmadinejad (Original Persian version)
*Iran Rap (Original Persian version)

Other Iranian military videos
*Iranian Military Video 1
*Iranian Military Video 2
*Iranian Military Video 3
*Iranian Military Video 4
*Iranian Military Video 5
*Iranian Military Video 6
*Iranian Military Video 7

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