Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Iraq War Videos Not On American Media

Iraq War Videos Not On American Media
*Video Inside Iraq What You Won't See On American Media
(An exclusive, in-depth interview with journalist Dahr Jamail
on what is really going on in Iraq)
*Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre

Dahr Jamail recognized that Americans were being misled about the US occupation of Iraq, so he went to Iraq to find the truth. After being unembedded in Iraq totaling over 8 months, he returned to the States to tell what he discovered.

In this video Dahr Jamail speaks of the horrors of occupation, the use of illegal weapons by American forces, the rip-off of American taxpayers by Bechtel and other US corporations, the shabby and biased media coverage of the situation by US media, and of the resilient determination of the Iraqi people to be free from foreign occupation.

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*Inside Iraq What You won't read on American Media

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