Thursday, November 03, 2005

War Against Workers Videos

Labor War Videos
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Global Financial Labor Crash Videos ....

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More people are in poverty and fewer people have health insurance, primarily because of a decrease in employer-provided coverage.

Multinational corporations are determined to get richer on the backs of American workers. They have no loyalty to the workers who helped make their businesses a success, and they have no problem destroying the quality of life for not only this generation of workers but for the next as well.

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Some 45 million Americans lack medical coverage—yet the United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world—and more info at AFL-CIO Facts & Stats.

Health care and retirement security top the list of major concerns, with 68 percent and 65 percent, respectively, saying the country is on the wrong track on those issues.

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American Labor Trends ....
15,000 Workers Fired or Punished for Union Support So Far This Year
Big Brother Nixes Happy Hour.

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Good Jobs and Benefits are Disappearing ....
Corporations are shipping more middle-class, white-collar jobs overseas and leaving low-wage jobs at home.

Working families are bracing for another attack on their paychecks by the Bush administration and the Republican-controlled Congress—which already cut millions of workers’ overtime pay protections in 2004.

Jobs and Income ....
8,000 jobs a month are being lost since President George W. Bush took office.

Today’s global economy has greatly increased the income gap worldwide, making the rich even wealthier and eroding working families’ standard of living.

Find out how issues in the global economy affect you and see how you can take action.

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Labor Decline Fuels Drug Culture

While the US government spends increasingly more money on domestic law enforcement and Colombian paratroopers - all in the name of fighting the so-called War on Drugs - Kensington, PA has spiralled deeper and deeper into abject chaos.

Fuelling the crisis, jails are filled to capacity with non-violent drug offenders who, when they are released, cannot qualify for government-sponsored addiction treatment programs. And so a vicious cycle ensues, children are brought up in conditions that more closely resemble those of a developing nation than the world's new imperial superpower.

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